Airs Japonais (Japanese Airs)

Airs Japonais (Japanese Airs)


Airs Japonais (Japanese Airs) features music of Japan as influenced by Western musical and artistic traditions.  The music in this album is like an aural kaleidoscopeof Japanese and Western musical aesthetics, blended to form a new, colorful sound-spectacle.  Music by Toru Takemistu, Hisatada Otaka, Tadashi Yanada, Naohiko Kai, Eugene Bozza, Yoshiko Noda, and Kosaku Yamada.  Total playing time: 45 minutes

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 Track List:

1. “Akatombo” (Red Dragonfly) by Kosaku Yamada 1886-1965 (Trans. A. Yashiro, Ed. J.P. Rampal) 2.36

 Cinq chansons sur des thèmes Japonais (1978) by Eugene Bozza 1905-1991

2. I. Chant triste d’Iwate 2.34

3. II. Lutte des guerriers a cheval  0.43

4. III. Les eaux de Kusatsu  1.58

5. IV. Chant d’amour  0.57

6. V. Les Moissonneurs de Miyazaki  0.57

7. Fantasy on “Kojo no tsuki” (Moon Over Ruined Castle) by Yoshiko Noda (Living Composer)  6.48

8. Andante (1961) by Naohiko Kai 2.02

9. Air (1996) Toru Takemitsu 1930-1996 5.13

Concerto for Flute and Orchestra, op. 30b (1951) by Hisatada Otaka 1911-1951

10. Allegro con spirito  5.52

11. Lento  6.11

12. Molto vivace  4.44

13.  “Jogashima no ame” (Rain Falls On Joga Island)  Tadashi Yanada 1885-1959 (Trans. A. Yashiro, Ed. J.P. Rampal)  3.51

Playing time: 45 minutes