Les exquises Allégories (The Exquisite Allegories)

Les exquises Allégories (The Exquisite Allegories)


Les exquises Allégories (The Exquisite Allegories):  flutist Ai Goldsmith and pianist Miles Graber take the listener on an exploration of rare compositional gems for the flute and piano by Walter Gieseking and Carl Frühling, a contemporary work by Grigory Smirnov, as well as a classic by Franz Schubert.  Ai Goldsmith wields her trademark purity of tone, varied tone colors, and captivating interpretations to create atmospheres that are suggestive and poetic, yet dramatic by turns, above Miles Graber’s warm, lush, and lyrical performance.  Fanfare Magazine's critic Dave Saemann writes, “Goldsmith is an especially communicative artist.  The Exquisite Allegories exhibits a flutist at the peak of her powers, bringing to life music as haunting as it is rarely heard.”  This album is named first of five recordings in Dave Seamann’s Want List. Released by Titanic Records.

Total playing time: 72:05 (sample tracks are available at the bottom of the page).

Available as CD and digital download.

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