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Flute instruction by acclaimed flutist Ai Goldsmith. 

Ai Goldsmith, Flute Studio

Acclaimed flutist Ai Goldsmith offers professional Flute instruction via her Flute Studio, which is committed to sharing the skills and passion for music and flute playing with musicians of all ages and levels, with special focus on nurturing intermediate to advanced students.  Private flute instruction is provided in Cupertino, California.  

As a testament to her effectiveness as a teacher, students earn both Awards as well as recognition as competition winners, concerto competition soloists, as well as distinctions such as Principal Flutist of California State Honor Orchestra and Bands, Principal Flutists in youth orchestras, as well as receiving “Command Performance” ratings at CMEA festivals, etc.  Intermediate and advanced students volunteer for the concert organization Encores On Wheels, through which they share their excitement and joy for music with the community throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.  

Ai Goldsmith is regularly invited to adjudicate auditions and competitions, including the National Flute Association (Newly Published Music), Kentucky Flute Festival Young Artist Competition, Santa Clara County Honor Band, and MTNA VOCE competition.   She also gives clinics, presentations, sectionals, and masterclasses by invitation, such as by Middle Tennessee State University, Western Kentucky University, Canadian Flute Convention, the MTAC Santa Clara division, MidSouth Flute Society, et al.


Instruction offered in 30 and 60 minute lessons. For lessons for more advanced students, longer lessons are available (90 minutes). Please see Star Lessons below.

Thirty minute lessons are recommended for beginners and advanced-beginners.  

Sixty minute lessons are recommended for intermediate to advanced level students. For sixty minute lessons, the longer format accommodates the increasing demands of the music and advanced technique required of the student as they grow as a flutist and as a musician. For example, 60 minute lessons allow more time for the student to practice and drill new concepts and techniques with the teacher than 30 minute lessons, enabling students to learn more accurately and confidently. 

90 minute Star Lessons are for students preparing for competitions, aspiring to major or minor in music in college, or for students who desire to develop at an accelerated rate. Please see Star Lessons below.


The Studio is open on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.  Please inquire further for exact times and dates.  


Tuition is charged on a monthly basis, due by the 7th of each month.  Please inquire for the most current tuition rates.


Student will need to have a flute before beginning your first lesson.

For beginning students, it is best to rent a flute from a music shop for first-time beginner.  It is best to rent a flute first, until you are sure that you want to commit to buying a flute.  A new flute for purchase runs in the range of $850-950.  A used flute in good condition can vary in price, but you are usually looking at spending anywhere from $350-600.  An "intermediate" level flute is priced in the range of $3,000 - $4,0000.  

To rent or purchase an instrument, two local stores in the San Francisco area recommended - Westvalley Music (Mt. View, Castro St.) and Crossroads Music (De Anza Blvd.).  

More complete information regarding finding the right beginner flute can be accessed here.



Ms. Goldsmith has been offering private flute instruction since January 2000.


Ms. Goldsmith offers instruction to students for both solo performance as well as for ensemble playing.


The focus of the instruction is on Classical flute performance, but other genres are also available, based on requisite sheet music publications for the genre.

FLUTE STUDIO - Student Achievements:

  • Recent star achievements by my students:

    • 2019-2020 San Francisco Symphony Youth Orchestra (Haylie)

    • 2019 NAfME All-National Concert Band, Flute 1 (Haylie, withdrawing participation due to schedule conflict)

    • 2019 San Francisco Flute Society Junior Division Competition, 2nd prize (Haylie)

    • 2019 SJYS Concerto Competition, 1st prize winner (Haylie—will forfeit performance due to schedule conflict)

    • 2019 Modern Flutist, Emerging Artist Competition hosted by CSU Fresno: 1st prize ( Xiaomian), 2nd prize (Haylie)

    • 2019 Junior Bach Festival Finalist-Concert Performers (Xiaomian, Shannon and guest pianist Darian)

    • 2019 Sacramento Flute Club Competition, 2nd prize (Haylie)

    • 2019 California All State High School Honor Band (Haylie, Shannon, Xiaomian)

    • 2019 California All State Junior High School Honor Band (Helen, Minseo-Principal Flute, Patricia)

    • 2019 US Open Music Festival prize winner (Minseo)

    • 2019 Santa Clara County Honor Band, Principal Flute (Xiaomian), and 3rd chair (Shannon) and 11th chair (Haylie)

    • 2018 Sacramento Flute Club Scholarship Competition, 3rd Prize (Eura);

    • 2018 US Open Music Competition 3rd Prize (Shannon);

    • 2018 California All State High School Honor Band (Xiaomian, Eura);

    • 2018 Santa Clara County Honor Band 2nd and 4th chair (Xiaomian, Shannon);

    • 2018 CMEA Music Festival: Superior (Patricia), Superior-Command (Gwyneth);

    • 2018 San Jose Youth Symphony Flute Avancé Flute Choir soloist (Patricia);

    • 2017-18 San Jose Youth Symphony Senior Orchestra Principal Flute (Eura), including Principal Flute for Nutcracker by Los Gatos Ballet;

    • 2017-18 California Youth Symphony Senior Orchestra, Principal Second (Xiaomian);

    • Recent participation in masterclasses taught by Leone Buyse (Haylie), Robert Stallman (Xiaomian, Kaylene, Shannon), Jennifer Grimm (Eura), and Göran Marcusson (Xiaomian).

FLUTE STUDIO – Student Performance Sample

Star Lessons

A Special Lesson Plan for Super Serious Flutists


  • Recital participant fee for our annual Studio Recital will be waived. (You will still be responsible for paying the accompanist.)

  • 48 Hour advanced notice for rescheduling your lessons will be waived.  Please give notice as far in advance as possible.

  • Competition recording submissions consultation will be provided in and outside of class. 

  • You will be given assignments such as writing a music biography for use in a public performance, and an activity card to help track activities for creating your musical Curriculum Vitae (CV).

Star Student:

1.5 hour lessons each week. 

This lesson plan is for those who are interested in taking their playing to the next level in a shorter time or are planning to participate in competitions or are planning on pursuing music at the collegiate level.  This plan is available to students by audition or by invitation only. 

In addition to flute instruction you will learn how to organize yourself for audition preparation (project management) and how to present yourself in a public performance. 

Opportunity to participate in a studio masterclass (group class) will be offered to further boost your development by observing and interacting with other students. 


  • Solo/chamber music Performance, minimum 1x a year. 

This can be fulfilled by your participation in Studio Student Recital and or other studio activities such as our flute studio masterclass.  Alternatively, you may participate in other performance opportunities such as volunteer once for Encores on Wheels or perform for a church service, community events, etc. 

  • Masterclass/workshop participation, minimum 1x a year.

This can be fulfilled by your participation in a studio class or public class.  Participation can include being an auditor or an active participant (performer)

  • Classical Concert Attendance, minimum 2x per year.

This can be fulfilled by attending any professional level classical music recitals or concerts (preferably by a flutist) or youth orchestra concerts other than your own group.  Please bring a signed/autographed program by either the performer or an attendant.  Please include a brief observation of the event, such as what you enjoyed the most, what inspired you, what surprised you, etc.

  • Competition participation, 1 per year.

This can be fulfilled by participating in any competition at local, regional or national level.  This includes County and State Honor Band audition participation. 



“Your masterclass with the MTSU students was wonderfully inspiring, informative and fun! It was wonderful to hear Roya improve her sound so much as well as play with more musical shape and emotion. I felt that Mara truly gained a greater sense of ease in the production of her sound and this truly helped her to express herself so much more. Your energy was wonderful and the graciousness you brought to the flute students allowed the performers to give more and the listeners to think and be attentive....”

Dr. Little, Associate Professor of Flute at MTSU


“I wanted to say thank you again for your visit to MTSU. Your masterclass was wonderful, and the instruction was very helpful and enlightening. You played so wonderfully, and I hope I’ll get to work with your hear you again soon!”

— Mr. Eric Luminais


“Our daughter has had a first-class musical education under Ai’s tutelage, and her flute tone and technique have progressed beautifully. Perhaps even more valuable, though, is Ai’s presence in her life. Ai is atrue mentor. She cares about her students. They want to emulate her. And, speaking from a parent’s point of view, if they do emulate her they will be doing very well, both as musicians and as people.”

— Ms. Susan Hough, parent


“Ai is a wonderful teacher in music education and flute performance. She has put countless efforts to gain the best performance experience to benefit her students. She always lays out a clear plan for students to reach their goals in flute performance step-by-step. She is also a great mentor always ready to support our daughter in those highs and lows of her flute performance. We will never forget those moments when Ai was with our daughter to share her emotion in cheers and tears. As parents, we saw the part that only a well-trusted teacher could have done to a young student. Perhaps Ai sees her students as the reflection of herself, as a young music lover who chose to use the flute to express her inner world.”

Mr. Wen-teh Chang, parent



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